Embezzlement, sexual harassment, and misconduct are just three circumstances any business works hard to avoid. It can be a stressful time for all involved, a legal minefield and, not to mention, costly if you are unsure of the process and your rights.

In recent years, complainants of harassment and discrimination have received increasingly more compensation than in the past. While a business may operate with all the best intentions, the liability still sits with the employer if they do not take sufficient precautions to prevent these things from happening.


When is Workplace Investigation is Needed?

Workplace investigations are recommended prior to, during or after a complaint is made by any customer or staff member. Some situations, like embezzlement, abuse of sick leave entitlements or WHS breaches may be foreseeable though and this knowledge can be powerful. If Management have an inkling about any potential or current misconduct in their workplace that may require disciplinary action, they have a responsibility to act, especially if they have provable facts – and it’s not just a hunch.


Why use the Services of an External Investigator?

Triumph Australia endeavours to firstly understand whether any alleged incidents actually took place, then we consider any mitigating circumstances surrounding the incidents. We provide an independent, impartial and unbiased investigation that is fair, procedurally, for all parties involved resulting in a workable resolution.

If necessary we can adjudicate discussions with employers, employees, tribunals or boards and respond to allegations on behalf of the business or assist a complainant to initiate a grievance via a written complaint.


How can Triumph Australia Help?

Our experienced and highly professional investigators are government accredited, insured and operate in line with strict confidentiality policies. They can provide support with the following areas of the workplace:

  • grievances & complaints
  • misconduct
  • sick leave abuse
  • embezzlement
  • WHS breaches
  • workplace Sexual Harassment
  • HR investigations
  • workplace accidents
  • customer complaints


Are you in the midst of handling a workplace grievance, dealing with the aftermath of a workplace accident or managing a difficult employee?

Do you believe your business is at risk of a potential claim or entitlement misconduct? Or are there embezzlement, harassment or discrimination concerns?

It might be an idea to consider some professional assistance to put your mind at ease by helping to understand the ins and outs of the situation at hand.


Contact Triumph Australia to arrange a workplace investigation to help clarify the grey areas and see where you stand.



  • We have utilised the services of Triumph Australia for over 5 years and have always found them to be very professional and provide an exemplary service. Their National coverage, with over 150 Agents, allows us to refer matters to them knowing that the job will be completed quickly and cost effectively, wherever that job may be, anywhere in the country. Their Investigators always produce an excellent result and their Admin staff are always a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Triumph Australia for any Surveillance and Factual Investigations anywhere in the country.

    Claims Team Leader – Insurance Company

  • We initially trialled Triumph Australia on several outstanding claims we had in rural areas where previous Investigation companies struggled to get a result. Triumph Australia were not only able to attend to the matters quickly but were also able to achieve a result which allowed us to decline the claims which had plagued our organisation for several years. We now use Triumph Australia for all of our investigations and would highly recommend them to any other Self Insured organisation.

    Case Manager – Self Insurer

  • As a Legal Provider on the Panel of multiple Insurers, it is of paramount importance that any investigations we arrange on behalf of the Insurer are carried out with the utmost professionalism and achieve optimum results. We have utilised many Investigators over the years however have found Triumph Australia to provide the best service and achieve the best results. They are our preferred Investigation company and have completed approximately 750 cases for us in the last few years. Always a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended.

    Principal – Legal Provider

  • Thank you to Triumph Australia for working with our Management to identify and get to the bottom of the issues affecting our business. We have appreciated your highly professional approach to our situation and have benefitted greatly from your advice and recommendations and use of technology.

    General Manager – Corporation

With an excellent team of Elite Investigators with many years of experience, we definitely have the know how to bring you the results that you are seeking