Triumph Australia provides discreet, professional, ethical investigations to corporate organisations experiencing frustration with the complexity of any matter requiring investigation. In all instances, investigations are undertaken by professional, legally compliant, qualified, ethical and reliable investigators who are familiar with the legislation governing our work.

Triumph Australia’s Code of Business Ethics assists employees and Agents to:

  • Understand the standards of conduct that are expected of them
  • Enable them to fulfil their duty to act honestly and exercise a reasonable degree of care and diligence
  • Act in a way that enhances public confidence in the integrity of Triumph Australia and the investigations industry.

Unethical and corrupt behavior

Effective employee and Agent management assists in identifying and mitigating the risks posed by an employee or Agent who could use their position within Triumph Australia maliciously or who could cause harm by their actions, including:

  • Disclosing or altering information
  • Using resources without authorization
  • Engaging in corruption, theft or fraud
  • Committing sabotage
  • Facilitating unauthorised third party access to agency resources

Gifts and Benefits

Triumph Australia employees and Agents are forbidden from accepting or offering inducements, gifts or benefits to or from client staff, public servants, individuals under investigation or others that are involved in assigning or managing an investigation.

Staff and Agents must report any attempts made to solicit their favourable consideration through the offer of a gift or personal benefit.

Political Donations

Triumph Australia does not make political donations.

Key Principles

The key principles underpinning this Statement are:

  • Integrity

Triumph Australia staff and Agents must not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to any individual or organisation which might reasonably be thought to influence them in the performance of their duties. Staff and Agents must not make decisions based on personal financial gain or other benefits for themselves, their families, their friends or business interests.

  • Leadership

Triumph Australia’s leadership team has a duty to promote and support ethical behaviour by example to maintain Agents’ and clients’ trust and confidence in our company.

  • Accountability

Triumph Australia staff and Agents are responsible for their decisions and actions. This means keeping proper records, maintaining audit trails and submitting to client and management team audits. It also means confirming briefs and changes to briefs with Triumph Australia before work commences, reporting every 2 hours or when there is activity during an investigation and providing reports promptly.

  • Transparency

Triumph Australia is as open as possible with clients, staff and Agents regarding instructions, briefs, decisions and actions, limiting information only when in agreement with the client or when it is in the staff member or Agent’s interests to do so.

  • Honesty

All Triumph Australia employees and Agents have a duty to be honest. Individuals must declare any private interests relating to their duties and take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in such a way that protects the company, clients or staff member’s interests. This means obeying the law; following the spirit of policies and procedures; observing the code of conduct; and fully disclosing actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

  • Respect

Triumph Australia staff and Agents treat others with respect at all times. This means fulfilling duties within the bounds of the law, treating everyone with courtesy, behaving politely and respectfully, and observing the rights of other people.

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