To solve any crime takes vigilance, an eye for detail and the ability to compile and analyse all physical evidence related to a suspect. With concise investigation, elements like fingerprints, blood, hard drives, technology and computers, all help to determine how and why a crime took place.

What Does Our Service Include?

It may not be tangible, obvious or well publicised but white collar crime like fraud, misappropriations and corruption, costs businesses billions of dollars per year. What may seem like a small act of falsely claiming non-business expenses here or there, if done regularly for long enough, can have significant legal and cost ramifications. Add to this, email and internet scams, bribes, fake insurance claims and invoices, bogus financial statements and identity theft, and you are looking at almost half of the cost of crime in Australia. Is your company under threat?

Identifying All Evidence

When it comes to potential civil, disciplinary or criminal action, knowing where to start looking for evidence and then putting the puzzle pieces together can be time-consuming and frustrating if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for or where. A forensic telephone, mobile or computer investigation will help you to make the informed decisions you need to either protect yourself or take further action. Our technical and highly experienced investigators have the software and know-how to clean up the mish-mash of jumbled data, help clarify movements and intent, quantify actual loss and provide factual evidence to assist with dispute resolution.

Data Recovery – Including “Deleted” Data

Simply clicking “delete” doesn’t necessarily mean transactions and informative data have disappeared into the ethos. Triumph Australia ensures no stone is left unturned and through computer forensics and data recovery we can locate misappropriated funds and assets, identify patterns of data movement or transaction types, and trace email and other computer correspondence. We can even detect a person’s location at a certain time on a certain day.

Through many years of experience, we have been able to fine-tune our skill set to successfully investigate circumstances such as industrial espionage, narcotics smuggling, sexual harassment and employee misconduct, conspiracies, embezzlement and trade secret theft. Our and sophisticated tools and computer software, enable in-depth research into and recovery of files, disks and hard drives that may have been lost, damaged or deleted – intentionally or not.

Keeping Private Data Private

We have the utmost confidence in our investigators who are trained extensively and uphold a high level of integrity. Likewise, we hold our clients with high respect and in doing so, we understand any potential concerns about your private data. Our client’s brief and instructions are specific to each case, so we only access areas relevant to each case. We don’t delve into any data banks that are personal or not associated with the case at hand. In addition, any information we uncover is always done so legally to ensure it will be admissible in a court of law.

Mobile Phone Data Retrieval

Most mobile phones these days mimic the features of laptops and traditional computers. They offer sophisticated technology, rarely leave our pockets and offer a smorgasbord of data intelligence and traceability which can make or break a case. Retrieval of mobile phone data, specifically deleted data, can be acquired forensically for a range of criminal and employment investigations, not just for infidelity matters. Things like internet search history, deleted data and images, call register, and location history can prove or disprove a case. Legalities of retrieving deleted data from mobile devices can vary between states and, whilst some national laws make mobile phone data recovery illegal under certain circumstance, in most cases there are no laws preventing it.

If you have accidentally deleted or lost data from your mobile, computer, camera or USB memory cards, we can recover this information also.

The proof is in the forensics. If you need assistance in identifying the facts, consider a forensic investigation.

Speak to our qualified investigators to arrange a forensic investigation to help you gather the data for your case.



  • We have utilised the services of Triumph Australia for over 5 years and have always found them to be very professional and provide an exemplary service. Their National coverage, with over 150 Agents, allows us to refer matters to them knowing that the job will be completed quickly and cost effectively, wherever that job may be, anywhere in the country. Their Investigators always produce an excellent result and their Admin staff are always a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Triumph Australia for any Surveillance and Factual Investigations anywhere in the country.

    Claims Team Leader – Insurance Company

  • We initially trialled Triumph Australia on several outstanding claims we had in rural areas where previous Investigation companies struggled to get a result. Triumph Australia were not only able to attend to the matters quickly but were also able to achieve a result which allowed us to decline the claims which had plagued our organisation for several years. We now use Triumph Australia for all of our investigations and would highly recommend them to any other Self Insured organisation.

    Case Manager – Self Insurer

  • As a Legal Provider on the Panel of multiple Insurers, it is of paramount importance that any investigations we arrange on behalf of the Insurer are carried out with the utmost professionalism and achieve optimum results. We have utilised many Investigators over the years however have found Triumph Australia to provide the best service and achieve the best results. They are our preferred Investigation company and have completed approximately 750 cases for us in the last few years. Always a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended.

    Principal – Legal Provider

  • Thank you to Triumph Australia for working with our Management to identify and get to the bottom of the issues affecting our business. We have appreciated your highly professional approach to our situation and have benefitted greatly from your advice and recommendations and use of technology.

    General Manager – Corporation

With an excellent team of Elite Investigators with many years of experience, we definitely have the know how to bring you the results that you are seeking